Know the Different Types of Agricultural Equipment

Know the Different Types of Agricultural Equipment

Disc plow, also known as earthmoving equipment, is an effective machine that plowing fields as well as other ground surfaces. These implements work best on all hard earth surfaces, whether loose gravel, clay, sand, or any other loose soil particles. The main benefits of buying Massey Ferguson 399 tractor above other common tillage machinery include small size, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. There are various types of disc plow that you will read below.

Skid or Skip Wheel Plough: The skid or skip wheel plow is a simple and cheap tillage implement that is usually light in weight and small in size. It can easily dig long furrows and ditches. The major benefits of this basic tillage implement include high speed, versatility, easy handling, low maintenance, high capacity, good stamina, low noise, and less wear and tear. Although it has all the above-mentioned advantages, there are also some limitations of the skid plow, such as a frequent collection of clippings and the inability to dig deeper. So, if you need to plow small furrows, then a skip wheel plow is the perfect one for you.

Mounted Disc Plough: The mounted disc plow is a modern type of rotary tillage that is fixed onto a motorized plow. It is very easy to handle because it does not have any attachments or controls. The major benefits of using this rotary implement include low cost, good collection capability, versatility, high capacity, low noise, and high speed. Another important advantage of using this type of rotary tillage implement is that it can be used in any kind of soil and is the perfect choice for increasing the production of soil aerators and soil mowers.

Stand-Up Disc Plough: If you have a large farm, then using this type of rotary implement is the best option for you because it can be easily positioned anywhere. Apart from that, this is a sturdy and durable implement that has maximum power and speed. However, its collection capacity and rate of rotation are lower than the skid one-way disc plow. 

Portable disc plough: A very useful innovation in the field of tillage is the portable disc harrow. This can be carried around in the field easily and is easy to operate because of its electric motor. One of the best plow types in this category is the gas disc harrow which has the power to rotate very fast and deeply. Another important point about these harrows is that they can be used effectively even in wet climates and are highly recommended for use in sandy soils.