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Dubai, UAE

Facts About Photography

Facts About Photography

Since the time of digitalization has started, every person is into photography. People will upload their pictures on social media platforms and they wait to see that how many people have like or heart reacted their photos.

And they specially wait for that person who is special to them. There was once a time when people had to hire photographers to get their perfect photo but now there are so much amazing cameras and phones that everyone can become a photographer.

We have collected some amazing facts about photography and that will help the persons who are about to become a photographer; keep reading to know more or view it here to know more about photography in Dubai.

  1. Have you ever wondered that how we are able to see such old photographers? Well, this is because the first ever camera was invented in between 4th and 5th century and it was a pinhole camera.
  2. We all love DSLR cameras or SLR cameras and the person in the friends group who has one, that person is the most popular person and he or she is always asked to get our photos and did you ever wonder who invented the first SLR camera? Well, the person was named a Ihagee and invented the first SLR camera which he named it Kine Exakta and it was of 35mm.
  3. The still photography is amazing and photographers travel to countries to get the best shot and the first person to invent the still photography camera was named as Leica and he invented it in 1925.
  4. The camera manufacturers are spending day and night figuring out how to make the best camera. And do you know what is their objective? Their objective is to make a camera that is equal to a human eye.
  5. Thank god for photography or else we would have missed so much about the past and history and thanks to first ever society of photographers that was founded in 1854 and it was named as Societe Francaise de photographie and these photographers were dedicated to click photos to capture the biggest moments of the world.
  6. The word photography was first coined by a british scientist named as Sir John Herschel.
  7. The first every portrait photo was taken in 1838.