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Charlotte’s Trove is excited to announce its new association with THE HUNGRY DUCK EATERY and its management team, Katherine Forsht (President) and Robert Berkheimer (Vice President).  Katherine & Rob are young entrepreneurs who have an enthusiastic interest in helping make their hometown of Roaring Spring a great place to eat, live and play.  As new parents of a beautiful baby girl, they wanted to take a more active role in enhancing the community in which they plan to raise their daughter. By co-habiting and collaborating with an already budding community asset, Charlotte’s Trove,  Katherine and Rob have the perfect opportunity to become part of the growing local economy.  Katherine and Rob are excited to share the location and have the opportunity to be part of bringing the community an under-one-roof place to shop, eat, hang out, and have fun – all the things that make a community a little more special. 

The Hungry Duck Eatery will be open Tuesdays – Saturdays 11am to 7pm, and Sundays 8am to 1pm, and closed Mondays.  This new Roaring Spring Eatery will also be the new operator of the full-service event space for meetings, parties and showers.  Katherine and Rob are committed to continuing the “CHARLOTTE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE”!  This means that you can expect a classy, charming, professional, detail-oriented and quality-conscience experience.