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The Little Things

My name is Emily and I just recently started at Charlotte’s Trove. My favorite thing about working here is making customers smile and trying Chef’s food. I love to take pictures, watch football games, smile, and eat. I also love cats, the sunshine, making people laugh, and wearing cute clothes!


There are so many things that make life valuable and if you’re like me, you may take these things for granted. Whether it’s visiting relatives who live far away, pets, or warm weather. My hope is that after reading this, you would be inspired to look at life a little differently and start enjoying the things that make YOU happy. So here’s to looking at the finer things in life and learning to appreciate the little things!

Yellow. What a fun, happy color! I wish there were more yellow clothes because you can’t have a bad day if you’re wearing bright yellow. I bought a yellow cardigan from the boutique here at Charlotte’s Trove and I love it! The material is so thick and it keeps me warm, which makes it the perfect piece for fall! Plus, the color brightens my day . . .literally.


Now onto food favorites. . .  I never really liked cookies until this past year (not sure why – it was weird). Anyway, once I learned that cookies are yummy, I started tasting them every time I got the chance. So over the past year of my “cookie tasting”, I’ve tasted some great cookies. But NOTHING compares to Chef DiAnna’s chocolate chip pretzel caramel cookies. You get the oozy, warm caramel and chocolate with the crunchy, salty pretzel. I could write an entire book on these cookies; everything about them is delicious. You’ll have to visit the cafe and give them a taste!

Life is about balance . . . and after eating all of these cookies, it’s time for a walk. I enjoy going on walks and fall seems to be the perfect season to do so. I love to take in the crisp, fall air and look at the colorful trees. It’s such a beautiful sight that doesn’t last for long. If all you need is a push to get outside and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold, consider this your push.

A hobby of mine is decorating. I’m not very good at it quite yet, but I’m learning. I love when the decor matches the season; it makes me happy. The only downside to this is that the older I get, the more I love decorating (which is bad because I’m only 18). On a similar note, can we just take a moment to appreciate Hobby Lobby? That place is every crafty woman’s dream; I love it there! Anyway, each year at exactly 12:01 AM on Labor Day, it’s time to decorate for fall; not a day later! Just kidding, but as soon as September hits, I am done with summer decor. I feel like I get extra excited to decorate for fall because spring and summer decor are pretty similar. Here are few pictures of what my Mom and I have come up with this fall season.




Each fall when the weather starts to cool down, soup is the first food on my mind. There’s something about eating a warm bowl…(or bowls) of soup when the temperature isn’t enough to keep you cozy. The Soup season just started at Charlotte’s Trove so make sure to stop in!


Another little thing that makes me really happy is looking at my nails after I’ve been to the salon. I admire them just like a woman looks at her engagement ring. There are some many colors and designs to choose from. I used to get a gel manicure at the salon twice a month. But as a teenager, my income wasn’t keeping up . . . so I had to make some budget cuts and stop getting my nails done. Luckily for me, my birthday was just around the corner and my parents gave me a kit to do them myself! I still love to look at my nails and now I appreciate them even more when I take the time to paint them myself.

Now that I’ve shared a condensed version of what makes me happy, it’s your turn to indulge yourself in what makes you happy! Take a few minutes to think about the little things that make you smile and reward yourself with them.