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Perfect Looks for 3 Different Bridal Showers!

Bridal showers are not my favorite things in the world. There’s the awkward “let’s go around the room and tell everyone how you know the bride!” And you have to debate whether you just say “We met in college.” or “I met Laura while holding her up to do a keg stand.” Then comes the HOURS of sitting and watching the bride open presents (okay, maybe not hours but, let’s be honest, it feels like an eternity). And the games! Who could forget the games! My favorite is “Let’s find out who knows the bride the best!” because I get to watch your BFF from high school desperately try and take down college BFF, aka high school BFF’s arch nemesis.

Bottom line, bridal showers aren’t anyone’s first choice of activity for a Sunday afternoon, but if there’s one aspect of bridal showers that gets me excited, it’s the chance to whip out some serious fashion. It’s no secret that I love dressing up. It annoys my friends endlessly. I always have to look nice. (So, if you ever see me out in sweat pants, something’s wrong and I need your help.)

Therefore, this week’s blog is all about the perfect look for a bridal shower! Because if you have to go, you might as well bring your fashion A-game. I’m showing you looks for three common types of showers! There’s the casual backyard BBQ shower, the church rec room shower, and finally, the country club brunch shower. These settings all require completely different outfits, and I know how confusing it can be to figure out what’s appropriate for each. But after reading this, I hope you’ll find bridal showers a bit less stressful!

1) Backyard BBQ Bridal Shower

This setting’s quite possibly the easiest to dress for. It’s a casual get together in a casual environment; the key word here being casual. So keep it simple, and you can’t go wrong!

This look is so casual and comfy, but also so young and polished at the same time. A plain white tee is a closet staple; everyone should have one. Style it with dark jeans, to dress it up just a little, a light sweater, and a dainty necklace. Finish it off with some converse or sandals, and you’re BBQ ready!


Another option for this casual setting would be a cute, breezy sundress and a jean jacket paired with flip flops and simple jewelry!

2) Church Rec Room Bridal Shower

This one can be a bit tricky, because the appropriate attire really depends entirely on the bride and the decor of the church. It could be as relaxed as the BBQ or as dressy as the brunch! So my advice here is to pay close attention to the invite, and take into consideration the bride’s personality. If she’s a fashion diva, I’d err on the dressier side. But if she’s more of a nonchalant kinda gal, it’d be safer to stay casual. However, if you’re able to find that fashion sweet spot directly between “dressed to the nines” and “jeans and a t-shirt,” where you’re dressed acceptably for almost any occasion, then you’ll have the perfect outfit for this bridal shower!

I picked a bright, flowy top and white capri pants! Top the look off with a classy handbag and a cute pair of wedges.


Or, you can never go wrong with the sundress and sweater combo! It’s dressy, but also has a casual elegance to it. 

3) Country Club Brunch Shower

This is my favorite bridal shower setting to dress for, because you HAVE to get dressed up for it. My friends can’t roll their eyes at me when I show up wearing heels and a Kentucky Derby hat. Because hey! You’re at a country club! Technically, there’s a dress code to be followed.

This first look is amazing! So cute and so classy! It’s our navy floral maxi dress styled with one of our handbags and layered necklaces. You could even ditch the heels and get away with wearing a pair of elegant flats with this dress!


These looks are country club brunch to a T! Elegant dresses, statement jewelry, and you know I had to include a hat in here somewhere! Pair these looks with heels or wedges, and you’ll be the classiest belle at the brunch! Next to the bride that is (I’m not a monster).



And there you have it! A style guide to end all of your bridal shower fears! If any of these looks inspired you, come shop with us at Charlotte’s Trove! We’re open Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, and Saturday 10am-3pm!